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Tour du Faso 2021

Looking back on our adventure in Burkina Faso - racing the TOUR DU FASO 2021!

Some would say that bike racing in Africa is like playing Monopoly on a checkerboard, but instead of using a dice you use pick-up sticks and I’d say this is pretty accurate!

The challenge was to make the best out of the situations, issues and opportunities approaching us. From non existing transfers to busses stuck in the middle of nowhere for hours, from racing in the middle of traffic to stages with 8+ punctures, we’ve seen it all! Taking statistics into account it wasn’t the tour we asked for losing David and Fabio really early in, but we stayed together as a team dealing with every occurring problem and we did great! #embracetheworldcycling

In between the troublesome moments we had an amazing time in Burkina Faso, making new friends, creating intense and sometimes scary memories, winning a stage and having the experience of our lifetime.

We’re walking away with a stage win, two podiums, 10 top ten positions, 20+ punctures, 2 + 1 broken bikes, 24 stitches in Fabios face, 1 Malaria infection, 5 kg of rice and 1 big smile!

Racing in Africa will always be our number one objective and we can’t wait for the next trip to come! #rideforafrica

Anton Benedix, Hermann Keller, Fabio Dias, David Kramer, Mario Vogt, Enzo Watermann & Stefan Brencher say thanks for following our adventure and see you soon!


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