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Bonjour de Lomé

Read about one of your favorite cyclists trip to Africa - Anton Benedix visits our equip in Togo for training, racing and a good time! #rideforafrica

Our participation at this years Tour Du Benin is around the corner, bags are packed, legs are ready and we're excited about coming back to Africa. Anton took a plane some days earlier to spend time with our Embrace The World equip in Lomé Togo.

Together they had a good week of training and on Sunday they pinned a number for the Grand prix de l'indépendance, a road race through the busy heart of Togos Capital Lomé.

"It was a good stacked race and awesome atmosphere around the course. The Team and I were really motivated and so we went all in for todays race over more then 100 kilometer. The weather was alright at the start but changed dramatically during the race. Storm and rain caused plenty of crashes and also two of our riders were involved. I tried to keep Amen, our sprinter, out of trouble and rode a lot of tempo on the front of the race. We went away with a small group of five and invested good work to keep the speed high. At the end two other cyclists could bridge to our breakaway and I gave my everything over the last kilometers to avoid attacks. It all came down to a sprint out of our group. It was so close that a photo was necessary to verify who won, but Amen from our Team here in Togo won the race and I finished third! Awesome day and good preparation for the Tour Du Benin next week!" said Anton after the race.

The Result after 106 kilometer and 2:49 hours of racing:

  • 1/ABINON Amen Entente 2 de Lomé /ETWC

  • 2/AKANGA Raouf Kpalimé Cycling Projet

  • 3/BENEDIX Anton Entente 2 de Lomé /ETWC

  • 4/TCHALIM de Modele Cycling club

  • 5/ KAKO Kokou Kpalimé cycling Projet

  • 6/ DOTSE Blaise de Modele Cycling club

Without your donations and those of our partners, we wouldn't be able to bring our beautiful and exclusive sport to Africa - everyone here involved is grateful to be a part of cycling and can choose to suffer! Thanks you for following us, thank you for donating and thanks for your attention!

If you want to support us, our team in Togo or other charity projects of our team, click here!


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