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Why shouldn't it be possible to make a change with every single bike ride ?

It is nature that represents the space in which Embrace The World Cycling moves. We therefore consider it essential to give something back to our unique nature and the host countries. Throughout the year we continuously collect donations to pass them on to selected environmental and aid organizations.

We collect money by riding to achieve an effect in the world.

The Fundraising project of getting donations for every riden kilometer by us is the base of our charity commitment. Our kilometers are tracked via GPS. Just follow it on our website. We use the collected money either for sending the donated gear to Africa or as a support for friend-associations.

We collect cycling-gear and bring it to Africa.

We have a passion for riding bikes and we want to enable all people to do so. All year we are happy to receive functional cyclinggear (clothes, parts, accessoires etc.) from you. Two to three times we send a container to our friends in Africa. In addition to that everytime, when we go racing in Africa, we take a bag of gear with us and see happy faces.

Help us help

Be part of our projects by donating some gear or money.

Contact us via email for further informations or support us via Paypal.

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